6 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older


This post is going to give you 6 things to consider about your current hairstyle and how to keep it fresh and stylish. Be sure to check out my GTU segment with the full report.

#1 Length: Is your hair all the same length or are you sporting the layers? Layers give your hair movement and texture that you simply can't get with an all-one-length hair style. Layers are also a really great solution for anyone that has really thick hair.

#2 Products: Make sure that you're not using too much product in your hair. If you're looking to build up your hair and create more volume, consult with your hairstylist about which products you should be using. If you're using too many products at once, you're removing the flow and movement from your hair and you're going to create the opposite look of what you're going for.

#3 Too blonde: Warm up the blonde and take the shade a little deeper. Over-bleached hair drains you of your natural warm complexion.

#4 Dried and frayed ends: Cut your hair when it needs to be cut. Don't hold onto the length of your hair like you're holding onto your youth. If you can see through the ends of your hair, it's time to cut it. Remember to get deep conditioning treatments and try not to shampoo your hair every day. Frequent trims are a great way to keep your hair healthy, too.

#5 Your hair is too dark: Solid dark hair colors accentuate the shadows on your face and creates too much contrast. Adding lighter shades and highlights helps to give your hair more depth and volume and eliminates the flat look. Keeping light colors in your palette will keep you glowing and youthful.

#6 Straight hair: Straight hair often times will make the face look long and drawn. In addition to this, the hot hairstyling tools required to get the straight look, end up drying out your hair and making it look dull.

If you're looking for a great hairstylist, be sure to look up my friend, Matthew Landis. To book an appointment with Matthew, visit his website at www.landisanddean.com

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Recap!

Before I jump into my BIP roundup, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite new finds!

I thought it would only be appropriate to host a little get together for the Bachelor In Paradise 2 finale. So in true “Paradise” fashion, I went to the original source of all things paradise related! Margaritaville! That Margaritaville state of mind is exactly what I was looking for!

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The beverage dispenser is perfect for those commercial break refills!


Add the glasses are a must have! Modern with a touch of vintage!


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Ok guys. Bachelor in Paradise is really over. My Sundays and Mondays are now going to be back on track with things like, you know… making dinner. Getting my daughter to bed on time. Showering. Things like that. Basically, our escape from reality has come to an end. And an abrupt one I might add. Did anyone else find themselves saying, “Wait. What? After all that, Samantha ended up with Nick?” and “How am I supposed to care that Jade and Tanner are engaged when they didn’t get any real air time together?” I mean, Tanner got his fair share of snarky and somewhat annoying recaps of what was going down in paradise, but I don’t really feel invested in them. I do feel like they are genuinely in love tho from what I saw on After Paradise. But. I have to say, I am so happy I was on the very first season of the show. I think that not knowing the format and what exactly was going to happen made for a much more genuine experience for everyone. The planning and plotting was very clear. The one thing I can say is that Samantha has single-handedly prevented any future contestants from ever contacting one another before the show! So that will hopefully help next go round! Regardless, I just hope that the show doesn't become calculated and premeditated.

So I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on my favorite contestants from this season. When those credits started rolling, in my head there was a standing ovation for the following cast members:

Carly Wadell

Ashley I.

Lauren I.

Ashely S.

Clare Crawley

Juelia Kinney

Dan Cox

Tenley Molzahn

Jared Haibon

I mean, seriously tho. Bravo! You really made this show worth it! Carly… you were beyond darling with Kirk the whole season. The way things ended was heartbreaking to watch and my heart genuinely hurt for you. Ashley and Lauren? You guys were pure comedy! I mean, I really think the two of you have something perfectly dysfunctional. Ashley S? You were the perfect combo of entertaining and endearing. Clare? Thank you for representing us “old ladies” with that sexy bod and class act! Get it girl! Juelia, you were strong and classy. Dan, you were well spoken, kind-hearted and clearly the eye candy of the season! (Thanks for that btw).  Tenley, you were the Tenley you have always been. Sweet, genuine and kind to everyone around you. Always supporting and encouraging! Jared, you seemed to me like the male version of Tenley! You came across level-headed and balanced in everything you did! Oh, and also.  Eye candy.

BUT…. If I HAD to pick one person that MADE the show, I would say that it had to be Ashely I.

Imagine the show without her in it. It would have been far less entertaining. The reason I am giving Ashley I. the MVB award, (Most Valuable Bachelorette) is because she went in completely open and vulnerable. She put her heart on the line and entertained us all along the way. The banter with Lauren was hysterical. I mean, the way she completely unfiltered every insecure thought in her mind was magical. Pulling out the “old” card when she was feeling especially insecure was great! I mean, it really is so relatable to so many women! When you think about it….anything “the other woman” has to jab at to make you feel better is always going to come out in times of insecurity. She was completely candid and held nothing back. And the fact that it was all so raw and genuine was endearing to me.


Now, clearly….I don’t believe she handled her approach with Jared the right way, but she did admit that she learned a lot. If anything, she may have helped millions of women understand why self-confidence is so important to have. It can be so hard to attain, but it is one of the most valuable and attractive assets a girl can have. Ashley is definitely a confident women in many ways. But not when it comes to dating. Although I have a feeling that will probably be changing! I hope so at least because she is an amazing woman!

So there you have it! That is my Bachelor in Paradise 2 awards ceremony on paper! lol! Congrats to everyone for surviving another season of amazing TV! Can’t wait to see Ben’s season of The Bachelor this January!

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